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                        Company Info

                            Fushun Hanking Direct Reduced Iron Co., Ltd. is a high-percentage ductile cast iron supplier, focusing on building the biggest ductile cast iron producing base in China.

                            Hanking DRI was founded in 2002, and located at Jingjia Village, Shiwen Town, Fushun County, Fushun City, Liaoning. As we’re growing, a heavy industry material park was formed in the Shendong Industrial Corridor of Fushun Economic Development District, and Lagu branch was set up there in 2006. Hanking DRI has 2 subsidiaries at present, and sits next to Shentong line, Shenhuan line, 4th ring of Shenyang, and between Shenfu New City and Benxi City.
                            Hanking DRI is one of the members of Hanking Industrial Group. Hanking Group is a private holding enterprise group, born in August 1992, majored in mining, metallurgy, business, large-scale industrialized bearing manufacturing, and high-tech micro sensors. Hanking Group was ranked among the top 100 private tax payers of China for continuous 2 years, and that of Liaoning Province for continuous 5 years.
                            Hanking mining was Hanking’s first industry, and has the annual capacity of 2,000,000 tons of refined iron powder. The iron resources are low on phosphor, sulfur, titanium, and other harmful elements, so as to be qualified as excellent material for ductile cast iron producing. Hanking DRI took this advantage of materials in forging its primary products of cast iron and high purity iron for wind power facilities, and other ductile cast iron related products.
                            Hanking DRI has 2 blast furnaces with the volume of 128m3 and one of 580m3, and the annual production has reached 800,000 tons of ductile cast iron. 95% of our products belong to the series of cast irons, namely GB 1412-2005 ductile cast iron, GB 718-2005 cast iron, and ZXB/T0001-2011 high-purity cast iron, and specialized in supplying wind power and nuclear power related manufacturers. We have acquired national patterns for some of our high-purity products, which are fully capable of replacing imported iron from South Africa, and widely accepted by China’s wind power equipment manufacturers. Hanking Ductile Cast Iron, ranked as Liaoning Famous Products, has satisfying quality, with low percentage of phosphor, sulfur, titanium, manganese, and mainly applied in automobile manufacturing, precision equipment making, aerospace and aviation area, wind generated power, and military nuclear projects. 
                            Hanking DRI has been certified with ISO09001 quality control system, ISO014001 environmental control system, and OHSAS18001 occupational health/safety control system, developed scientific, systematic, and standardized managing and operating systems, and awarded with multiple national and local honorable titles.
                            Hanking DRI undertakes principles of quality first, customers first, always improving and changing, and honoring credibility and integrity, and will make its best effort to be the best.

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