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                        A Message From the Chairman

                            Dear Reader, 

                            Thank you for visiting the website of Fushun Hanking Direct Reduced Iron Limited. 
                            China has its 5000 years’ casting history. The “Ancient Houmuwu Vessel” in Shang Dynasty (3,600 years ago) has astounded the people. Since the year 2,000, China has ranked the world first for the cast production, during which we called the time as “The Golden Age of China Foundry Industry”.
                            The foundry industry marks the first step of the equipment manufacturing industry. The foundry iron is the most crucial and basic raw material for the foundry companies. Hanking Group is one of the biggest iron ore manufacturers in the northeast. Hanking group’s iron mine is located at Anben metallogenic belt, where the iron ore is recognized by the world as “high purity”. The iron ore has features of high purity, low-phosphorous, low-sulfur, low harmful impurity elements. We are currently producing above 69% grade iron ore concentrates with advanced beneficiation technology. With more improvement of the iron ore concentrate grade, the harmful impurity content is further reduced. 
                            Fully developing the high quality resources of hanking group, Fushun hanking direct reduced iron limited is producing high purity iron and nodular pig iron with “high purity” iron concentrate. These two kinds of iron are known as “Ginseng Iron”. Similar to the “high purity” concentrate fines, the “Ginseng Iron” has the features of low-phosphorous, low-sulfur, low harmful impurity elements. The quality ranks the first among the domestic products in the same category. It has made great contribution to the wind power, automobile, high-speed rail and military industries. It is far from enough only with good quality. We are pursuing the steadiness of the quality, prompt delivery and high cost-effectiveness. 
                            Along with the production of industrial dust, waste water and exhaust gas, the iron and steel industry is featured with the image of “high investment, high consumption and high pollution”. We are always working hard to improve the environment performance. Holding the universal value of “energy conservation and environment protection”, we persist in clean production and recycling economy. We are going to build a garden-like ecological iron and steel company with “blue sky, green land and flourish flowers”, which is called “Green Hanking Iron Company”. 
                            Thanks again for the care and support for Fushun Hanking Direct Reduced Iron limited from government leaders of all levels, all the friends, every company staff and their families. Best wishes and luck to your family and business. 
                            Thank  you

                                                                                                                                             Yang  Jiye

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